Riverbend Ranch Feeder Calf Program


Feeder Calf Program

We have continuously strived to provide quality genetics and build lasting relationships. We are grateful for the support and trust that is instilled upon us and want to continue our commitment to give back to our loyal customers now and for years to come.

Over the past 27 years, we have spent countless time and energy selecting and investing in individuals that have proven to be outliers in producing quality animals.  They are the foundation of our herd.

Riverbend and Johnson Livestock forge livestock feeding partnership

After many successful years working together, Johnson Livestock and Riverbend Ranch are proud to announce that we have joined forces to create a joint cattle feeding venture.

The ultimate goal of the joint venture is to fill Johnson’s feedlot with 100% naturally raised Riverbend influenced cattle.

Johnson Feedlot with Riverbend Ranch

Johnson Livestock has been feeding Riverbend genetics for over 20 years and the cattle have continuously proven their superior genetics. Riverbend sired cattle consistently grade over 90% choice and produce three times the industry average of cattle grading prime.

Riverbend Ranch Feedlot from Above

History of Johnson Livestock

Johnson Livestock began as family feedlot with a small capacity in 1984. It was founded by Ward Johnson and his two sons, Robert and Gary. Over the past 35 years, Johnson Livestock has grown into the large 20,000 head capacity feedlot that it is today. Johnson’s success is based on honest and fair dealings, and treating customers as we like to be treated ourselves. They have prided themselves on building lasting relationships by sourcing our cattle and commodities consistently from many of the same individuals year after year.

Quite possibly one of the most exciting prospects about this partnership is the added value that our Riverbend bull customers will realize. We will be able to give calf health, feedlot performance, and carcass quality back to you. With this data you will be able to make better decisions for profitability on your ranch. We both are striving to help our existing customers as well as new customers capture deserved and substantial premiums by producing high quality third party Verified Natural Cattle. This new venture will allow Riverbend Ranch to enhance their commitment of supporting as well as giving back to loyal customers now and for many years to come.

Riverbend Ranch could not be more excited about the future with and our partnership with Johnson’s feedlot. The feeding expertise that they have is second to none, in the past we have highlighted numerous groups of cattle that Johnsons have fed. These have consistently been some of the best performing cattle we have had on feed.

Riverbend Ranch Processing plant

Processing Plant

Our new state of the art, 210,000-square-foot processing facility is currently permitted for 600 head per day and expandable as the market develops. Our goal is to supply a quality and consistent product and to provide information back to our customers. 

Added Value of Investing in Riverbend Genetics

  • Data sharing ranging from calf health to feedlot performance to finishing data
  • Added Premiums
  • Investing in our customers and the success of their programs


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